Small Chick Big Deals documentary promo

I first met Sara Monica, founder and editor-in-chief of, at her website re-launch party in Hoboken last May. I was immediately impressed with her ambition to create a start-up and her work ethic in gaining an audience.

Soon after, she came across one of my videos on Facebook and suggested we collaborate on a project. We both agreed her website could benefit from some multimedia content, and a video would be a great way to engage readers while sharing her story.

We finally got together to brainstorm ideas at the end of the summer and began production in the fall. I aimed to capture a bit of Sara’s on-the-go lifestyle by filming her (on her lunch break!) in New York City, which is a dream backdrop. Then we did an in-depth interview at Sara’s alma mater, Fairleigh Dickinson University (where she thought of the website idea), and gathered more footage in the area. Still, b-roll was a challenge but images from the website itself helped add visual support.


In many ways this video is a short documentary about how Sara’s business came to be. It also highlights many of her website’s offerings and is therefore promotional, but in a subtle manner. I’m a believer in topics coming across as genuine rather than utilizing in-your-face marketing techniques. I outline a storyboard with talking points prior to shooting so that the subject can prepare, but that is the extent of any scripting. I’d much rather generate honest and real answers in an interview than have someone try to memorize and spit out pre-determined phrases. This tactic was effective here, as Sara was able to be her intelligent and likable self.

This video is now embedded on the home page, giving readers an alternate experience to take in as they visit the site. Sara also posted a dedicated blog featuring the video, which you can check out here.