Experiencing Photography by Bjorn

It was by pure chance I stumbled across Al Paul AKA Photography by Bjorn on Instagram less than a year ago. Having heard of his brand before through others he had worked with, I followed him and instantly became a fan. Eventually we got in touch and I found out that Al was more than a talented photographer Рhe was a great person Рand we developed a friendship. This is just one reason why I value social media and the opportunities it presents for building meaningful connections.

Over the winter, Al suggested we shoot in his studio. I was sold – albeit a little intimidated! I had seen many photos of his with models looking super edgy and bold, and I knew he’d make me step outside my comfort zone. Sure enough, the shots we ended up with were different than anything else in my portfolio.

Feeling like some extra “oomph” was warranted, I enlisted the help of makeup artist Veronica Velez. When she finished dolling me up, I looked in the mirror and was blown away. Her skills truly brought the fierce factor, and I was thankful she lent her keen eye to my styling as well.

As expected, Al challenged me, in a good way. He had me taking risks, trying poses, adopting a new attitude. Even toward the end of the day when my energy started to wane, he encouraged me to let my hair down (literally) and expose my shoulders. The result was a whole other look that pleasantly surprised me.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot…

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